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Sunflowers of Hope


Painted by Chris Corlett
(12.10.1982 – 10.09.2000)

Written by Guest House Owner: Tina Botha

sunflowers-of-hope-legacy-02This is not just a beautiful painting of Sunflowers. For me, it’s a painting that represents Hope, Family and Love. It’s an everlasting memory, a footprint cemented in my heart forever that has touched the lives of thousands of people all over the world. You may be asking what makes this painting so special? The original, was completed by my late son Chris Corlett in 1999, before he passed away from acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at the age of 17.   Chris underwent the first unrelated allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplant on the continent.

Courage, charisma, strength of character, sincerity – whatever it is that makes some people inspirational and very special, Chris had it.

It was Chris Corlett’s wish that the Registry develop and grow, so that future Leukaemia sufferers may have the opportunity to live a healthy life.

His fortitude and willingness to share even the darkest moments of his short life, awakened a flood of public support, which resulted in the birth of the The Sunflower Fund, an NPO setup to increase the South African Bone Marrow Registry, to help save the lives of patients diagnosed with life threatening blood disorders. This was my sons wish.

After he passed away, together with the support of my daughter Tarryn, my son, Jason and some of the most amazing people in our lives, we managed to turn his wish into a reality by founding and establishing The Sunflower Fund. 16 years later, I handed over this incredible organization to a dedicated team and decided to embark on a new journey for myself and my family.

I grew up in the countryside and had always had a yearning to get out if the bustling city to offer a place for my family to relax and spend quality time together. I decided to pack up my home in Cape Town, bringing along Chris’s painting and move to Franschhoek. It was here where I found my peaceful serenity, now known as Fleur du Soleil (Flower of the Sun), which I am sharing with you. It is my wish that you have a special and relaxing time here, etching your very own forever memories into your hearts and the hearts of your loved ones.


Of all things bright and beautiful, the sunflower stands tall.

Always lifting its head, always looking up, always seeking the warmth and the light.

What better symbol of hope than a “Sunflower” in a world, which is so often dark;

And made darker still by the onset of a tragic illness ?

Simple, bold and strong, it is a universal symbol, used by many organizations around the world,

Always as a symbol of light and strength and hope.

“Sunflowers of Hope” was painted by Chris Corlett before his death. Others, in their days of darkness, have done the same.

Let the sunflower be a tribute to all those who have not survived and a symbol of hope to all patients in the future.